Working in the shop or field is unpredictable. You’ve got a job to do and you don’t need to be wrestling with your work light to get it done. Bad weather, cold temperatures, poor lighting and tight dirty spaces can create less than desirable working conditions. Whether you’re facing a rat’s nest of cabling, following a refrigeration line, peering down a ventilation shaft, re-timing an engine ignition or simply hunting for the right tool in your van, you need a flashlight or work light you can count on to light the way.

Work Lights

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. When you buy a work light from LightStar Corp. you’ll get the little things, and some big things as well:

  • Hex handle guard keeps your light from rolling off your work surface
  • Available magnetic light holder can hang your light on any metal surface
  • Built-in flashlight mode when you need a beam of focused light
  • Models with 16 or 64 LEDs so you get the right light for the job

Check out our selection of work lights and work light accessories available for the automotive, HVAC, electrical or other technician professional who demands the best out of his tools.


Some jobs call for a super-bright flashlight for peering into those places most people don’t go. But you go there and so will your LightStar¬†flashlight:

  • Rugged design and aircraft grade aluminum body mean your flashlight will be shining bright regardless of weather, dirt, moisture, shock or the abuse you dish out.
  • Available models equipped with a bite grip or hat clip for hands-free lighting, leaving your hands free for more important work.
  • Standard AA or AAA batteries mean you can stop at any corner store for replacements if you’re out on the job.

Even if you have an incandescent flashlight you trust to get the job done, go ahead and upgrade to LED technology with one of our LED conversion kits. Your dependable flashlight gets a lot brighter in minutes, and LED bulbs don’t break or burn out like incandescent bulbs. They use less power while providing superior illumination. All of this will save you time, money and keep you working.

If it’s a reliable flashlight you’re looking for, visit our product catalog to browse our full line of LED flashlights and LED conversion kits.