Our LED flashlights have super high output, unparalleled battery life, and come with a lifetime warranty providing you with the highest quality light at the best price. So you can enjoy all your outdoor adventures knowing you’ll never get caught in the dark.

We’ve been there trying to read a trail map in the waning twilight, pitch a tent in a dark campsite, or find the perfect bait in our tackle box of goodies before the sun rises. We’ve been there and we know how important a bright and reliable flashlight can be to any outdoor endeavor. So next time you consider new gear for your own excursions, take a look at the LightStar line of rugged professional grade flashlights made by the folks who know what being outdoors is really like.

When you buy a LightStar flashlight, you can be confident you’ve got the best equipment for any trip:

  • Standard AA or AAA batteries mean you don’t spend extra money on expensive specialty batteries.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum housings stand up to the toughest environments.
  • Long life LEDs never need replacing.
  • Super-bright LEDs driven by our patented drive circuitry means you get the highest possible output…every time.
  • One-touch hi/lo settings gives you flexibility for every situation.
  • Strobe mode available on select models is perfect as a signal or distress light.

This is the flashlight you want with you on your outdoor adventures because LightStar Corp. makes great flashlights for your lifestyle.