Man, check this out!

This isn’t some cheap plastic kitchen junk drawer flashlight. You know, that plastic flashlight that produces a dim light with no discernible shape and may not even work when the temperature drops. The one that rolls away every time you set it down. We’re talking about the one you bought at the grocery store when you first moved in.

LightStar Corporation does not make that flashlight. LightStar LED flashlights are made from aircraft grade aluminum and shine a bright white beam up to 300 lumens right where you need it, even if the weather is cold and the batteries are running low. This is a professional quality flashlight without the professional price tag. TerraLUX makes the flashlights you want to show all your friends.

All LightStar LED flashlights are bright. In fact, the brightness will be the first thing you notice when these flashlights are powered on. LEDs are brighter and don’t crack or burn out like incandescent bulbs. Next, you’ll notice just how lightweight and durable they feel in your hand. They feel durable because they are durable. To prove it, all LightStar Corps. LED flashlights come with a lifetime warranty. They can withstand whatever you can throw at them – moisture, dust, dirt and shock. They’re perfect for the shop or garage, for the car or camper, or even for the kitchen drawer…assuming that cheap plastic isn’t taking up too much space.

The only thing this flashlight has in common with the one in your kitchen drawer are the batteries that power it. LightStar LEDs are powered by AA or AAA alkaline cells so there is no need for expensive specialty lithium batteries found in most high-end lights.

It doesn’t matter if it’s July or December. Put a LightStar flashlight on your Christmas list this year. You’ll secretly cherish the jealous look on your brother-in-law’s face when you show it off at your next gathering.