MiniStar31 M-EX

The MiniStar31M-EX® is the ultimate LED conversion for your 4-6 D-cell MagLite®.  1,000 lumens of pure, white LED light, LEDSense® thermal management, multi-mode or single-mode functionality, 3 precision optics, and unsurpassed, field-tested durability deliver the performance of flashlights costing much more.  Take your MagLite® into the next realm of performance with a MiniStar31M-EX® LED Conversion.

  • Fits MagLite® 4-6 D-cell flashlights
  • Multi-mode function:  (high/medium/low), user configurable to single mode via switch on side of module
  • Electronically regulated for constant light output
  • Extends battery runtime
  • Approximate runtimes:
    • 2 hours on high (1,000 lumens)
    • 6 hours on medium (500 lumens)
    • 37 hours on low (<100)
  • Saves money- stop replacing bulbs
  • Includes LEDSense® thermal management for maximum light output and reliability under the most extreme conditions
  • SKU: TLE-310M-EX
  • MSRP: $99.99

 Is my older model MagLite compatible?

Do you want your 2-3 cell Mag to work with our 310 module?  Check out these handy adaptors!

Installation Video:

  • MagLite® 4-6 D Cell
  • 1000/500/<100 Lumens
  • Hi/Med/Low or Single Mode
  • 2 Hrs High/ 6 Med/37 Low
  • Medium
  • TLE-310M-EX

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