Increase the performance of your Streamlight® SL20X® or SL20X LED® with the MiniStar 110S®.  600 lumens, a sharp hot spot, and an even fill area make this LED Conversion from TerraLUX the ultimate addition to your Streamlight® SL20X® or SL20X LED® light.

  • Fits Streamlight® SL20X® and SL20X LED®.  Not for use with Streamlight® SL20XP®.
  • Single mode (600 lumens)
  • Electronically regulated for constant light output
  • Extends battery runtime
  • Extends battery lifetime due to less frequent charges
  • Over 90 minutes runtime
  • Saves money– stop replacing bulbs
  • Brighter than incandescent bulb
  • Includes TerraLUX LEDSense® thermal management for maximum light output and reliability under the most extreme conditions
  • Multi-mode available with the MiniStar 110S-MM®
  • SKU: TLE-110S
  • MSRP: $79.99


Installation Video:

  • Streamlight® SL20X® and SL20X LED®
  • 600 Lumens
  • Single
  • 1.5 Hrs
  • Narrow
  • TLE-110S

Disclaimer: TerraLUX® is not affiliated with Streamlight, Inc., which owns the STREAMLIGHT® trademark and the “SL®” line of trademarks. Streamlight, Inc.'s trademarks are used here only to identify the flashlights with which TerraLUX® intends its products to work. TerraLUX’s products are not made, endorsed, or sponsored by Streamlight, Inc.