Limited-Lifetime Warranty Coverage Details

Just a reminder, all LightStar Corporation and TerraLUX-by-LightStar products come with a limited-lifetime warranty to the original product purchaser from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects. – This does not and never has meant product is covered for everything forever.

Please note the following policy details for clarification of product coverage…


LightStar Corp. will, at our option and discretion, repair or replace product with the same or a product of similar features and performance. Warranty never covers  battery replacement or damage to a flashlight caused by leaking/corroded batteries, except for new (out of box) products with issues on batteries in the package. Warranty also never covers damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or normal-wear due to use of product.

  • LightStar 80, 100, 180, 220, 300, PRO-1, 2, 3, 4, TT1-EX, TT4-EX, TT5-EX and TLH-50 Headlamps: Limited Lifetime Warranty on body; 2 year warranty on electronics and switch assembly.
  • TT5R-EX Rechargeable Flashlights: Limited Lifetime warranty on body; 2 year warranty on electronics, switch assembly, charger and rechargeable battery.
  • All LED Conversion Kits: 1 Year
  • Keychain Flashlights (e.g., KEY2) & LightStar Leather/Nylon Holsters: 90 days
  • “Wear items” (e.g., Pocket Clips, O-rings, rubber grips, head straps and bite grips): 90 days from date of purchase

The current stated warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and may have altered from coverage in place at the time of product purchase.

If you own a discontinued product not listed above (e.g., InfiniStar Flashlights or WorkStar Worklights), your product may no longer be under warranty, as these products have been discontinued for more than 2 years.Please contact LightStar Customer Service for further inquiry…